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International Honours Degree in Teaching

Bachelor of Teacher, 270 ECTS
Teacher's training

Institution University College Absalon
Campus Vordingborg
Duration 4 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 4501 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR
A degree that opens up a world of opportunities - A Bachelor of Education

University College Absalon offers the International Honour’s Degree as part of the Professional Bachelor’s Degree in Teacher Education. The increased number of international schools worldwide is creating a high demand for teachers with intercultural competences. As a response to this demand, University College Absalon has developed an honour’s degree with an international focus. All students must apply to the Danish Teacher Education programme that authorizes to teach in international primary schools and Danish primary and lower secondary schools, special education.

Teaching Experience/internship is rated for a total of 40 ECTS and takes place during all four study years.  
  • 1st-2nd year: Internship is conducted in Denmark, 1 day a week
  • 3rd year: Internship at a school abroad 
  • 4th year: Internship at an international school
As mentioned above you will have to complete teaching experience in both Danish and international schools, and choose between individual modules in English and Danish. In addition to completing the regular teacher education programme (240 ECTS-points), the Honours Programme will require you to complete extra studies equal to 32 ECTS-point over four years.

The programme is conducted both in Danish and English. We expect you to follow some subjects conducted in Danish during your 4 years of study. As part of the programme, you will study Danish on a weekly basis. 
Once enrolled, you must pass a special 3-hour admission test for Honours Degree. The test evaluates your command of written English as well as your ability to formulate a well-structured argument. 

Your future and career opportunities

The degree authorizes you to teach in the Danish primary and lower secondary schools as well as a number of international schools around the world. You will have an attractive job profile for all internationally minded schools – in Denmark and across the world! As a teacher, you are qualified to teach and work in many educational institutions for example national or international schools, special education schools etc. You can also continue your studies and specialize by taking a master degree.

Gunnhildur Ásmundsdóttir has travelled from Iceland to Denmark to enter her dream education, the International Honours Degree in Teaching, and she is committed to making the whole world her workplace.

“I want to work with children, travel around the world and teach. My goal is to work in as many countries as possible, gaining knowledge about different cultures and implementing human rights. I have the freedom to do all those things through this education,”

During her education, she has chosen to do an exchange semester in the Netherlands to teach Citizenship.

Campus Vordingborg

International Honour’s Degree is located in Vordingborg, where you will be part of an exciting and open minded study environment. At the campus, University College Absalon place a high importance on offering an inspiring student environment with an engaging faculty. Together with 900 fellow students, you will have excellent opportunities to develop yourself academically as well as personally.

Gunnhildur Ásmundsdóttir is happy about the student environment at the International Honours Degree in Teaching in Vordingborg. Here she finds a strong sense of unity and closeness, which can be hard to find.

“I really like to study in Vordingborg. We all have a great relationship and even my teachers know my name when I meet them. This makes me feel at home,” 23-year-old Gunnhildur Ásmundsdóttir says.

As a student town, Vordingborg has offers within culture, sports and leisure activities. The old royal castle, which was built around 1364, is the town's most famous attraction. The only fully remaining part of the castle, the 26-meter tall Goose Tower (Gåsetårnet), is the symbol of the city. Vordingborg town is at the seaside and has two small marinas. The local beach is well visited during the summer. Students also enjoy visiting Copenhagen which can be reached in only 1½ hour by train.

How to apply

You apply for admission through, where you will be guided through the electronic application. Since the International Honours Degree in Teaching is part of the Danish Professional Bachelor´s Degree in Teaching, you must apply through the Danish application page. For non-Danish speaking applicants, please follow this application guide

Application date
Mar 15
Start date
Sep 02



Vordingborg is a municipality in Region Zealand on the southeast coast of the island of Zealand (Sjælland) in south Denmark. The town of Vordingborg has a population of 11,982 inhabitants (2015).The ruins of Vordingborg Castle, the old royal castle which was built around 1364, is the town's most famous attraction. The only fully remaining part of the castle, the 26 meter tall Goose Tower (Gåsetårnet), is the symbol of the city. Vordingborg town is at the seaside and has two small marinas. The local beach is well visited during the summer months.

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