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Name: Mohsen Ghahremani

Birth year: 1985

Country of origin: Iran, Teheran

Based in: Esbjerg

Education: Professional bachelor's degree in Software Development at Business Academy Southwest

Educational institution: Business Academy Southwest

Profession: Software Developer at Wellfaster™

Has lived in Denmark since: 2017


How would you describe studying in Denmark in a few words?
‘Study group’: The reason why I chose to study abroad was that I wanted to experience something new. And I found that the Danish educational system was quite different. People are sharing their knowledge and helping each other for the benefit of all. In Iran, you work more individually in the university as well as in companies. ‘Self-confidence’: I had to work with it, and I improved a lot. And then: ‘Practical’; the far most of the curriculum at the university is perfectly useful for your workplace.


What were the main reasons to choose Denmark as the country to study in?
Danish society has a big name in my home country. Iranian people like the Danish lifestyle. When we hear the name ‘Denmark’, we think of a happy country with nice and open-minded people. The lifestyle is my favourite, the relaxation, the way the Danes try to balance their life. So I was very excited to see Denmark. Fortunately, I found out that they got some of the best software developers and international companies in the world, and everybody speaks English. I have chosen the best culture for my study.

What are the biggest differences between student life in Iran and student life in Denmark?
In Denmark, everything is available. At the university you have access to the latest technology for free, it means a lot for the students and their education. In Iran, we don’t have the same access to awesome resources.

What are the hardest adjustments you made after coming to Denmark?
It was quite challenging to come here. First of all, I was surprised by the prices, even though I have heard about it. I got used to it, but as a student I couldn’t do whatever I wanted. Another issue was how to join the oral exams, I wasn’t used to that, so I prepared a lot and got quite good grades. And although I had very good classmates, and I was together with my girlfriend, now my wife, I missed my family and still do. And I missed the Persian food, I had to learn how to cook, and I called my family all the time to ask how I was going to do this and that.

When did you start on planning your future career?
When I got more familiar with Danish society and the work atmosphere, especially during my internship, I got excited to work in Denmark. Furthermore, I loved that the newest technology was used in most of the companies in Denmark, and I had the right background and experience to work with it, so I tried to get myself updated and learn even more while studying at EASV to be prepared for a job in a company here.

How would you describe your future plans?
I am on the right track. Every day, I grow and get better. I want to be one of the best developers in Denmark. I feel like I have success with my work. I am working on a lot of projects, so I just want to continue with that, but I have to learn more Danish because I would like to speak it fluently. I think it is one of the most difficult things in the world! I see my future in Denmark; I married my girlfriend in Ribe and life is pretty much okay for the moment.

What advice would you give to other international students who plan on studying and maybe working in Denmark?
I have two pieces of advice: Learn Danish, because it is a great opportunity, you will get new friends, and you will be able to communicate with people; communication is very important in Denmark, it is the key to success here. And be friendly and open-minded.

Where do you see yourself in five years?
As I said, I will be one of the best developers in my field. And I would like to learn more about Danish culture; I want to visit Denmark’s cities to see what is going on. It is really important to me.

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