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Sustainability Marketing Summer School in Denmark

Summer School of Sustainability Marketing, 5 ECTS
Economics, commerce, management and accounting Humanities, social sciences, communication and arts Interdisciplinary Studies

Institution Dania Academy
Campus Viborg
Duration 2 weeks
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 0-2100 EUR

Doing Well by Doing Good

Join our Sustainability Marketing Summer School in Denmark to get a better understanding of Corporate Social Responsibility in terms of development, strategy, and branding.

From August 2024, Dania Academy offers an exciting Summer School in Denmark. We have a special emphasis on sustainability marketing through problem-based learning.The purpose of this course is to give you an understanding of why and how businesses work with a sustainable business understanding, while providing you with the knowledge and tools to transform CSR/sustainability into practice.

Learning objectives

We welcome Danish and international full-time students, students from our partner institutions, as well as any other interested and qualified students both from Denmark and abroad. Here is the learning outcome you should expect from this course:

  • CSR and sustainability and the related economic theories
  • How the elements of CSR / sustainability can provide value in a company, both in relation to business development, as a strategy, and in the branding process.
  • Sustainability is the driving force of innovation and as a way of understanding the new market conditions for both society and the market.
  • How Green Marketing can be used as a business model
  • Identifying CSR and sustainability elements in a company
  • Inspiring others on how to work with CSR and sustainability in practice
  • Analysing the effects of using Green Marketing, seen in relation to the industry's competitiveness
  • Analysing the economic consequences of adopting a distinctively green profile.
  • Analysing the Supply Chain effects occurring as a consequence of an increased focus on Green Marketing
  • Assessing a company's ability to use Green Marketing as a competitive parameter
  • Participating in the innovative development of new concepts related to the company's sustainable profile


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