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Your undergraduate future - the replies are in

Students awaiting response on their application for an undergraduate programme will receive notice of acceptance on the 30th of July. But do you get a reply from each institution on you priority list? And what if you were not accepted at all?

If you were accepted at a Danish Higher Education programme, you will receive one notice - and one notice only. Of the alternatives you have entered in your application on, you will receive notice from only one institution on your list. Based on the amount of applications, the number of seats, the average level of credentials etc. this institution will match the highest possible priority on your application, and will offer you either a standby or a study seat.

EU-citizens that were not accepted, will receive a joint notification from (Den Koordinerede Tilmelding). Non-EU citizens will be notified through a seperate dialogue by the institutions.

Notice of acceptance

The institutions of Higher Education each have individual means of communicating their decision to you. Some will send you an e-mail, some a physical letter and others will ask you to log on to an online service. It is a good idea to check the institution websites to which you apply, to know what  to expect in regards to getting your reply.

Remember that you will only get an answer from one Institution of Higher Education. This means that if you are offered your third priority, you have not been accepted at your first or second priority. Neither will you hear from any priority of lower status you might have applied for (e.g. fourth or fifth).

Together with your letter of acceptance you will also receive practical information on the date of registration, applying for SU etc.

Notice in case of rejection

If you are not accepted at any of your priorities, you will receive a joint notification from the Coordinated Enrolment System. EU-applicants using the mail notification of will receive their answer at 8 a.m. on the 30th July, 2014.

EU-applicants not using the mail notification of will receive their letter of rejection by regular mail. The Coordinated Enrolment System will send the letter so that you can expect to have it at the 30th og 31st July

Non-EU applicants not considered on any of their priorities will be contacted by the institutions if they are .

Note: If you were rejected in all your priorities, it is still possible to apply for vacant seats, as long as you fulfill the requirements of the programme you apply for. A list of vacant seats can be found at:

Accept or decline your study seat

In order to formally enroll you need to reply to the institution whether you wish to accept the seat or not. The deadline for this communication will be stated in your acceptance notification.

If you accept you will be enrolled at the institution. The only exception is if you have been conditionally approved. In that case you need to complete your supplementary summer courses in order to keep your seat.

For applicants applying for programmes with a matriculation in Autumn, expect to start your education at the end of August or early September. For programmes starting in the Winter Season, expect to start around 1st of February.

If you decline the offer, you will not be offered other programmes, you might have applied for. However, you can still apply for vacant seats, that you qualify for.

Offers for a standby seat

If you are offered a standby seat, you need to be prepared to accept the seat, if someone declines their offer to enrol.

You can decide to say no to a standby seat, but must communicate this choice within a given time frame specified when you receive the offer.

If you have not received a seat within that time frame, you will be ensured a seat the year next. You will then receive a letter of assurance that must be used upon your application the following year. In each round of application it is important that you fulfill the necessary requirements of the programme you apply for.

Vacant seats

At you will find a list of vacant seats that haven’t been filled in this years round of application. The list will continually be updated as new vacancies open in accordance with applicants accepting or declining the priorities they are given.

The list encompasses study programmes taught in Danish as well as English. Those taught in English as well as their requirements you will find described on . Those taught in Danish are described at

For information about how and when to enroll go to the institution web pages of a relevant programme. Deadlines and criteria of selection are at the disposition of the individual institutions.

Remember: You can still apply for a vacant seat even if you did not originally apply through the Coordinated Enrolment or declined the seat you were offered in this process - as long as you fulfill the requirements.

Published: 30.07.2014