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DIS and other US students in Denmark - look here

If you are a DIS student and thinking about studying a PhD or Maters's degree in Denmark, then drop by DIS on Thursday 19 April and hear about your opportunities

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Get a PhD or Master's degree from Denmark

- taught entirely in English!

Hello DIS students,

We hope that you're having a wonderful time being a DIS student. By now you will probably agree that studying abroad is like travel: it inspires you to see things in new ways! So how about traveling a bit further - and obtain a world-class PhD or Master's degree in Denmark along the way?

On Thursday 19 April, 16.30 at Vestergade 7 you can learn more about your Danish study opportunities right here at DIS. Come and meet and hear short presentations by:

  • Sara - a former DIS student, who is now studying Environmental Management at University of Copenhagen. Sara will be happy to tell you about her Danish study experience
  • Anders – from the The Denmark-America Foundation & Fulbright Commission. Anders can tell you about scholarship schemes in Denmark for US students
  • Thomas - from the Danish education ministry (the 'Study in Denmark' office). Thomas can tell you where to find information about rules, tuition fees, etc.

Come and say hi to Sara, Anders and Thomas. You can also just come by for the sweets, a t-shirt and a brochure about your opportunities for English-language PhD and graduate studies in Denmark.

Hope to see you,
Study in Denmark


Why study in Denmark

Each year, students from across the world come to Denmark to receive a quality education in a friendly, safe and international environment. With their different perspectives these students contribute to a diverse and enriching learning environment in Denmark. We invite you to study in Denmark and welcome your unique perspective. We feel confident that your stay here will be rewarding and fun and propel you on to a successful career.