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Meeting the Danes

Students from other countries can join a programme to meet Danes and other nationalities at the Faculty of Humanities at University of Copenhagen. The QA Programme offers activities and mentor groups.

A lot of English taught educations study programmes in Denmark run a buddy scheme, invite students to events or organise other social activities for international students. The higher education institutions want to ensure that the students from abroad meet Danes and Danish culture and make friends, while studying in Denmark. 

At the Faculty of Humanities, University of Copenhagen, students from abroad are invited to join the QA Programme. When you join, you become part of a mentor group. The groups are led by two mentors and 5-8 mentees.   

Students' experiences with the programme

Below are testimonials from international students who have joined the QA Programme and a First Chair of the programme. Get to know their experiences being a part of the programme by clicking the photos.

Chisa and Misaki from Japan with their mentor Helena

Yuija from China and her mentor Anne Mette

Former mentor, now First Chair of the QA Programme, Ziggy


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