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”I want more new knowledge”

Shiella Mae Meradores from the Philippines did cultural exchange in Denmark and used the opportunity as a stepping stone to study biotechnology.

Shiella Mae Meradores is studying a Bachelor of Engineering in Biotechnology at University College Absalon in Kalundborg. At the same time, she fulfils another of her ambitions: She works part time with different administrative tasks for Novo Nordisk in the town. The big pharmaceutical company has a large insulin manufacturing site there.

When she first came to Denmark, she applied for cultural exchange as an au pair, but spent time trying to find the best school for her, and how to pay for the education. Even when people said it would be impossible to study in Denmark, she pushed on. Luckily, she got a scholarship from the school. The back-up plan was that her hosts when she was an au pair promised that they would lend her the money for the course, if necessary.

Active class

Shiella Mae Meradores not only studies and works, she has also volunteered to take on a role as a manager in a collaborative project with students from other studies.

“It doesn’t give me any ECTS points, but I thought it would be a great opportunity for me to work with other students and train how to design and manage a project in a learning setting,” she says.

The project is within microbiology, determining the microbiological shelf life of a type of desert. The students that she collaborates with will focus on the laboratory analysis part of the project, and she will design and lead the project.

“I will have to write the documentation after my exams, though,“ she says.

She simply does not have the time before her exams.

Other type of study

Shiella has a BA in Chemistry and has worked for three years in the Philippines, before coming to Denmark. In Denmark the theoretical framework is combined with practical skills.

“We have all the necessary equipment and learn about the different technologies in the industries by site visits and theoretical approaches, and we do projects in collaboration with the local industries. It is super interesting,” she says.

The only barrier for Shiella is the language.

“I only learned the very basic of Danish language, but luckily most Danes speak English. I would love to learn Danish, especially the pronunciation, because it is very difficult.”

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