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International Business Academy (IBA)


The IBA business school, located in the town of Kolding, currently has 800 students enrolled, many of whom are international students. The school offers AP degree, Bachelor and Master degree programmes within Business, Marketing and Finance, some of which include internship placements. Also offered is an MBA-level programme. Many programmes are taught in English.

The study programmes offer a dynamic combination of theoretical study and practical experience that aim to empower students to tackle real-world issues. The programmes are globally oriented and incorporate specialisations that cover a range of areas, including Management, Communications, Design and Innovation.

The IBA has partnered with universities in several countries, including the UK and France, to offer joint programmes. The undergraduate degree programmes enable free study at universities in the USA and Europe and students enjoy the opportunity to take part in international activities such as competitions and marketing projects.

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Ålegården 2
6000 Kolding

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