Jazz/Pop Music (Aalborg)

Master (2 years) of Music (MMus), 120 ECTS
Music and performing arts

Institution The Royal Academy of Music - Aarhus/Aalborg
Campus Aalborg Departement
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 6600 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR
The Academy's jazz/pop programmes are very diverse. Knowledge of historical roots and performance traditions will be a natural part of many contexts and subjects, but always as a precondition for giving the student the ability to communicate future musical ideas.

Students will participate in various projects playing live. Examples include tours of boarding schools or folk high schools, performing at the Aarhus or Aalborg Festival, playing at concert cafés, and much more.  

All the teachers are experienced professional musicians. And the Academy is regularly visited by major international artists who conduct clinics for and with students.  

At the Jazz/Pop Music (Aalborg) programmes students become part of an international study environment at the Aalborg Campus. A common feature in all the programmes is that the student must first and foremost be an exceptionally skilled musician or singer. In addition, there is a strong focus on songwriting/composition and teaching skills.  

Tuition is offered in all common instruments in jazz/pop music.

The Master’s program builds on the student’s skills as a musician/singer, songwriter/composer and music teacher acquired on the bachelor’s programme. The education has a constant focus on:
  • Main Instrument/Vocal Studies and Ensemble. The main area of the program also contains teaching skills in main instrument/vocal studies as well as artistic and/or pedagogical electives
  • The student has one elective subject per year and can choose among courses such as: Songwriting, Composition, Music Production, Children’s Music and Innovative Choir Leading
  • FLEX courses give the opportunity for individual specialisation
  • Entrepreneurial Studies helps translate the student’s artistic and educational skills into a sustainable musical work life
  • The master’s project starts with the Artistic and Pedagogical Reflection course, which enables the student to relate critically and analytically to once’s own and others’ practice as artists and/or music teachers
In the second year the student makes the actual master’s project within a self-chosen artistic, performative and/or educational subject. Popular topics are: Songwriting, composition, music production or the creation of new educational material.

This programme is offered at the Aalborg campus.
Visit the programmes website.    

Career Opportunities  
The master's program makes the student prepared for a career as a musician, songwriter/composer, and music teacher.

To be admitted to this programme, students must take an entrance exam that is described in admission requirements. At the Academy’s homepage the applicant can find detailed information about admission requirements for the bachelor’s, master’s, and soloist programmes as well as examples of entry exams.

The applicant must apply online via, which is the application system for all education institutes under the Ministry of Culture.

At the Academy’s homepage the student can find out more about admission e.g., application deadline, schedule for entry exams, application fee etc.

There is a tuition fee for all full­time degree students with a citizenship from outside of EU/EAA/Switzerland. Students within an exchange programme are not required to pay tuition.

For Further Information
Information from the Danish Agency for Higher Education can be located here.

You will find information about the Danish assessment of foreign qualifications in Guide to diploma recognition.

About the Educational System in general visit the section The Danish Higher Education System.

Aalborg Departement


The Academy’s department in Aalborg is situated in The House of Music (Musikkens Hus) from 2013. The Academy has several modern and inviting classrooms, rehearsal rooms, sound studios and two concert halls for acoustic and for amplified music.  

The classrooms are equipped with accessible instruments and other relevant gear. At the rehearsal rooms students have opportunities for practicing 24/7. The sound studio consists of three rooms in order to separate the instruments.

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