Composition - Master

Master (2 years) of Composition, 120 ECTS
Music and performing arts

Institution The Royal Danish Academy of Music
Campus Study programmes within music and music pedagogy at the highest level
Duration 2 years

About the programme

In the composition program at RDAM, you will work on your own works and, in addition to the teaching in your main subject, you will learn about theory, electroacoustics and instrumentation. You will also receive instruction in entrepreneurship, ear training, music history and piano. You will work closely with both your fellow students and professional musicians, and you will gain strong skills in entrepreneurship, collaboration and artistic leadership.

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Admission and application deadlines

Application deadline for EU/EAA-applicants: 1 December
Application deadline for non-EU/EAA-applicants: 1 March 

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Tuition fees 

Full-degree students who hold a citizenship outside EU/EEA must pay a tuition fee each year

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Non-EU/EAA/CH applicants

Application date
Apr 01
Start date
Sep 01

EU/EAA/CH applicants

Application date
Dec 01
Start date
Sep 01

Study programmes within music and music pedagogy at the highest level


The Royal Danish Academy of Music (RDAM) offers study programmes in music performance, Instrument and Voice, as well as in Composition, Conducting and Sound Engineering, and electives in subjects such as Pedagogy and Church Music. The Faculty aims to foster and develop student’s individual artistic profile and technical skills drawing on a solid pedagogical foundation and years of artistic professional experience. All Programmes are taught in English, which is also spoken by both Faculty and students. RDAM has an extensive international network and cooperates with some of the world’s leading music academies. Students are ach year offered masterclasses with internationally renowned artists and educators both in person and through Advanced Audio Network Technology that connects RDAM to music academies across the globe. With more than 50% international students and a nationally diverse Faculty, RDAM is a great starting point for students embarking on an international career.

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