Midwifery (exchange programme)

Short-term programme of Health Studies,
Health care, social services, and care services

Institution University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)
Campus Sundhedsuddannelserne
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR

The degree programme in midwifery covers subjects of midwifery skills, foetal development, obstetrics and newborn babies

We accept exchange students for clinical placement in English. The full-degree programme is taught in Danish.
We introduce students to the concept of family formation, both in theory and in clinical placement, and students end out demonstrating an independent mastery in midwifery-related skills and knowledge when they finalize the programme by writing their bachelor project report.

The degree programme is rooted in evidence-based knowledge. The theoretical part of the programme introduces the following subjects: midwifery skills, obstetrics, pedagogy including communication, psychology, relevant legislation, interdisciplinary collaboration, pharmacology, microbiology, neonatology, sexology, gynaecology, health anthropology, sociology, philosophy of science and research methodology, embryology, ethics, etc.

Half of the programme is spent in clinical placement meaning that it takes place in so-called midwifery centres, maternity wards, antenatal wards and postnatal wards either in Northern or Central Jutland.


You do not have to pay tuition fees if you come via a partner university.
If you come as a free mover student, be aware that fees apply for non-EU applicants, EU applicants do not pay tuition.