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Feel the Power – DesignCamp2011

We treat energy as if it were an inexhaustible resource. DesignCamp 2011 wants to change this!

Upcoming international designers gather at Kolding School of Design to meet of of the world´s great energy challenges.

We treat energy as if it were an inexhaustible resource. It is not. We have to start using energy with consideration and reflection. Experts agree that the behaviour of end-users is the key to creating the circumspect energy consumption that we need in the future. However, the fact that energy is invisible presents a major challenge when convincing people to start thinking about energy on a day-to-day basis.

DesignCamp 2011 wants to change this!

From 3-14 October, 49 design students from across the world will gather at Kolding School of Design to work on the challenge of making energy consumption visible. Focusing on ordinary consumers, the students will develop concepts that will make us aware of our energy consumption and make us change our behaviour towards reducing it.

Gathering top design students from around the world
The Kolding School of Design DesignCamp is an annual master class for invited top design students from selected design schools and universities around the world, who gather to develop design solutions assisted by specially invited international designers, educators, and researchers.

DesignCamp focuses on the development of society in a broad perspective and is best characterised as a cross-cultural collaboration between nations, institutions, and industry on meeting global challenges and solving common issues.

Besides design students from the USA, Canada, India, New Zealand, Syria and the UK, this year's Camp gathers a number of energy companies, for instance DONG Energy. Research institutions will be represented, including Smart Grid researchers from DTU, researchers from Energy Design Studio, Interactive Institute Eskildstuna, Kolding School of Design, etc.

A DesignCamp Jury will evaluate the student projects. The jury comprises Anders Troi, Risø, Cordy Swope, designer, former IDEO, and futurologist Anne Skare Nielsen.

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