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Time to Mind

Are you planning to study abroad in the future? Then be prepared for a possible "culture shock".

Remember to look after your well-being and mental health when living, and studying, abroad. Being prepared is the best thing you can do, and know that you may experience "culture shock".

Going abroad to study will lead to personal development and exploring a new culture. New environments and new people is exciting, but it can also be overwhelming - but don't worry! This is completely normal and a part of the adventure.

Eurodesk Time to Mind

Eurodesk published a short brochure on the topic 'Time to Mind', that can be helpful when you consider moving abroad to study. 

The brochure is about mental health and how to look after yourself when stepping out of your comfort zone. You will get to know more about the six stages of culture shock and ten tips for coping with change. 

Find the publication 'Time to Mind' here