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Denmark a world leader in cleantech innovation

Denmark tops the first-of-its-kind Global Cleantech Innovation Index, followed by Israel, Sweden, Finland and the US

WWF and Cleantech Group has just released he first-of-its-kind Global Cleantech Innovation Index 2012, which examines 38 countries on 15 indicators related to the creation and commercialisation of cleantech start-ups. The countries with the best conditions for growth in the coming years are:

Cleantech innovation map

Denmark leads the field in cleantech innovation drivers and evidence of commercialized cleantech innovation, and also scores highly in fostering emerging cleantech companies.

The report notes:

Each country showed different strengths. Israel excels in the factor "evidence of emerging cleantech innovation"...Finland takes fourth place overall by coming second in both "inputs to innovation" factors as well as scoring well for emerging cleantech companies. Sweden and the USA show a common pattern, scoring well on "evidence of emerging cleantech companies" and "general innovation drivers". Sweden edged out the USA by scoring stronger (on a relative basis) on the "evidence of commercialized cleantech innovation" factor, mainly due to is relatively strong deployment of renewable energy.

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