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Monocle impressed by The Danish Design School

The trendsetting international magazine Monocle has highlighted how the Danish Design School trains future designers to combine a century-long tradition for arts and craft with academic research and business sense

The Danish Design School in Copenhagen is one of the design schools that combines design and business. In its Annual Forecast Issue for 2011, under the headline Schools for thought, the international magazine Monocle has compared five design schools from around the world, each with their own approach to training designers.

Monocle highlights how the Danish Design School incorporates a 135 year arts and crafts tradition into a modern reality based on market terms. 

“The Danish Design School is a particularly historic case study that appealed to me because it has recently undergone many changes – taking a look at how it can improve its efficiency and relevance in the 21st century. That self-assessment is exactly what I was looking for.

Rather than an age-old school that churns out students year after year, I wanted to profile a school which understands that you can’t rely on a heritage as a badge of success; you need to adapt and change to stay relevant and successful,” says Monocle’s Design Editor Hugo Macdonald.

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Published: 07.04.2011