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Copenhagen is world-leading in making "impact in the cleantech sector"

The leading online cleantech destination has named Copenhagen the world's #1 cleantech city

The jury writes: "As cleantech continues to make its mark around the globe, there are certain cities that are coming out as leaders in the global clean technology industry. These cities provide warm atmosphere for cleantech to expand and enable more to use renewable energy and energy efficient products."

On Copenhagen, they highlight that the city "has made it public that by 2025, they want to be the first carbon-neutral capital. This goal is doable based on Copenhagen’s long-standing tradition of research, development, and investment in clean technologies. It is home to the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, one of the largest global clusters dedicated to providing necessary business conditions to aid in cleantech research, development and implementation, the “Sundial,” which is the first fully-carbon neutral building in Denmark, and the International Solid Waste Association. There is also the mandatory green roof policy and Copenhagen Climate Council."

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Published: 02.05.2011