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Aarhus University to strengthen research and education in the Arctic

With the aim of creating synergy in research, education and dissemination of Arctic issues, Aarhus University has signed a new partnership agreement with the Greenland Institute of Natural Resources and the University of Manitoba

The Arctic Science Partnership (ASP) joins 200 of the world’s leading scientists in Arctic research and covers a wide range of topics, such as health sciences and socio-economics as well as environment and climate related issues.

Employees and students have the possibility of working at all three research institutions, and a new interdisciplinary Arctic Research Centre established in Aarhus. The director of the centre, Professor Søren Rysgaard, is convinced that Arctic Research Centre will quickly become recognised internationally as a preeminent force and, at the same time, attract new students who would like to be part of an interdisciplinary, dynamic study environment and take part in a large-scale, international effort at the highest scientific level.

- Through the recently established ASP, we will have an enormous, very valuable, logistical platform which will offer our employees and students easy and low-cost access to icebreakers, research vessels and research stations in the Arctic area – something which is usually not easily attainable, says Søren Rysgaard.

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Published: 07.08.2012