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Aarhus University is northern Europe's most innovative

Aarhus University, Business and Social Science has been voted northern Europe´s most innovative business school ahead of world-renowned schools like London School of Economics

Aarhus University, Business and Social Sciences was recently voted Northern Europe's most innovative business school by more than 50.000 European business leaders and the international business magazine European CEO.

The jury stresses the school’s innovative and visionary spirit combined with a superior academic and interdisciplinary profile. That is, a selection of high-level interdisciplinary programmes based on deep knowledge of individual disciplines.

- “We are very honoured and pleased to receive this recognition from the business leaders of the European business community. Our academic base and mindset fosters world-class research and unprecedented research-based education in business", says dean Svend Hylleberg.

Svend Hylleberg expects a growing demand for interdisciplinarity in business education, because today's business leaders often face complex problems that require cooperation and understanding across the business community, civil society and legislative bodies

“No business leader can perform effectively without knowledge of the political situation and the political power games relevant to the company, just as politicians and public officials need a thorough understanding of how business works if their projects are to succeed”, says Svend Hylleberg.

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About the award
It is the second time that European CEO awards "Northern Europe's most innovative business school". In 2010 the honor went to London School of Economics. The selection is based on an internet poll among 50.000 European business executives, voting by a jury and a personal interview with the dean. In 2011 European CEO announced a total of 17 awards to the most innovative business schools worldwide.