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European Wind Energy Master
Sustainable Energy
Aquatic Science and Technology
Transport and Logistics
Advanced and Applied Chemistry
Engineering Management
Environmental Engineering
Computer Science and Engineering
Wind Energy
Food Technology
Civil Engineering
Materials and Manufacturing Engineering
Mathematical Modelling and Computation
Petroleum Engineering
Pharmaceutical Design and Engineering
Photonics Engineering
Physics and Nanotechnology
Bioinformatics and Systems Biology
Digital Media Engineering
Architectural Engineering
Earth and Space Physics and Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Acoustics
Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics
Design & Innovation
Nordic Master in Innovative Sustainable Energy Engineering
Nordic Master in Sustainable Urban Transitions
Erasmus Mundus in Security and Mobile Computing
Nordic Master in Polymer Technology
Nordic Master in Maritime Engineering
Nordic Master in Environmental Engineering
Nordic Master in Aquatic Food Production
Nordic Master in Applied and Engineering Mathematics
Medicine and Technology (Biomedical Engineering)
Management 1:1 DTU-TUM
Nordic Master in Cold Climate Engineering (N5T)
Telecommunications 1:1 DTU-KAIST Double Degree
Physics and Nanotechnology 1:1 DTU-TUM
Photonics 1:1 DTU-KAIST Double Degree
Offshore Wind Energy 1:1 DTU-KAIST Double Degree
Mathematical Modelling and Computation 1:1 DTU-KAIST Double Degree
Environmental Engineering 1:1 DTU-TUM
Nordic Master (N5T) Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering 1:1 DTU-EPFL
Engineering Design and Applied Mechanics 1:1 DTU-KAIST Double Degree
Engineering Acoustics 1:1 DTU-KAIST Double Degree
Electrical Engineering 1:1 DTU-KAIST Double Degree
Data Interaction Cyber Programme 1:1 DTU-KAIST
Computational Mechanics 1:1 DTU-TUM