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Film and Media Studies

Master (2 years) of Arts in Film and Media Studies, 120 ECTS

Institution University of Copenhagen (KU)
Campus South Campus
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR


The master programme expands your knowledge of the interaction between theory and practice in the production and dissemination of audiovisual media.You acquire knowledge and skills needed to work with media, aesthetics and communication. Furthermore, you gain experience in solving information and communication tasks in a media organisation.

Career Opportunities  

The Master's degree provides a range of different career options. You may find employment within the communication sector and the film, TV, advertising and IT industry.

Moreover, you will be qualified to work as a teacher or as a member of information and PR staff.
On the programme, you follow the general profile in Film and Media Studies, but you can also to some extend design your own profile through the various elective courses offered during the programme or in other fields of study at the university or abroad. In that way you can tailor your studies to your own interests, and you can thus go for a very broad focus aimed at employment in widely differing job functions, or for a narrower professional profile aimed at employment within particular fields of work.

The programme also includes an optional internship, which most students elect to do.


In order to be admitted to the Master’s Programme in Film and Media Studies, students must have passed the Bachelor Programme in Film and Media Studies at the University of Copenhagen.

Students who have passed the Bachelor Programme in Media Studies at Aarhus University or the University of Southern Denmark, combined with the Bachelor programme’s upper-secondary-school elective study in Film and Media Studies at the University of Copenhagen, or the elective study in Film and Media at the University of Aarhus, are eligible for admission to the Master’s Programme in Film and Media Studies.

Applicants with a degree that is at least at Bachelor level, and which consists of min. 90 ECTS credits in film and media studies, of which min. 30 ECTS credits are in film studies and min. 30 ECTS credits are in media studies, and who have passed exams in min. three of the five dimensions (theory, analysis, history, methodology and practice), are eligible for admission to the Master’s Programme in Film and Media Studies.

Applicants who have not completed a programme that qualifies them for direct admission, but whose qualifications are assessed by the Board of Studies to be of an equivalent nature, may also seek admission. The Board of Studies is entitled to demand that the applicant pass supplementary tests in order to be admitted.

In addition, documentation may be required verifying that your proficiency in English is at a specified level. Read about the language requirements of University of Copenhagen.

Apply directly at University of Copenhagen with all relevant documentation.

To find out whether the level of your foreign certificate or diploma satisfies the general entry requirements, you should contact University of Copenhagen directly. A list of the most commonly recognized exams and diplomas can be found at the Danish Agency for Higher Education →

Exchange students should contact their home institution for information on application procedures and deadlines.


There is a tuition fee for all full-time degree students who hold a citizenship from outside EU/EAA/Switzerland. Students within an exchange programme are not required to pay tuition. 

For Further InformationInformation from the Danish Agency for Higher Education can be located at →

You will find information about the Danish assessment of foreign qualifications in Guide to diploma recognition

About the Educational System in general visit the section The Danish Higher Education System

South Campus


The South campus is located just south of the city centre and has a student population of around 11,000. The campus is home to the Faculty of Humanities. It is undergoing development with new buildings offering great facilities for studying and for student life at campus.

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