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The US and Denmark best to produce and attract talent

The US and Denmark outperform all other countries in its capacity to produce and attract talent - reports the Economist Intelligence Unit

The U.S. and the Nordic countries are the world's top performers when it comes to developing, attracting and retaining skilled employees. That is the conclusion of the Global Talent Index Report: The Outlook to 2015, developed by the Economist Intelligence Unit

The high performance in the Nordic countries, with Denmark in the lead, is viewed as a result of high public spending on education and high quality at all stages of Danish education. Like Denmark, the United States is at nearly full points with 1 out of 3 top 500 universities located in the U.S., creating a continuous stream of well-equipped graduates.

The global quest for talent is ON.
The Heidrick & Struggles Global Talent Index shows that demand for talent across the globe is outstripping supply and that the best employees are voting with their feet and will move to regions and companies that offer the best opportunities. According to the Economist Intelligence Unit one in three executives worldwide are not satisfied with the quality of hires over the last two years, raising questions about the ability of companies to provide sustained economic growth.

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About Global Talent Index
Incorporating the data analysis of sixty countries, the Global Talent Index measures global talent in 2011 and anticipates future realities in 2015. The Heidrick & Struggles Global Talent Index uses quantitative and qualitative data to measure the economic indicators, cultural contexts, trends in education, foreign direct investment, mortality, health and market fluidity that will impact the ability of talent to thrive within these countries. All data was collected and prepared independently by the EIU.