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Swiss Bank report: Danish salaries are world's second highest

A world financial crisis, political calls for pay restraints, and fast-growing competition - not only from China and India, but also from neighbouring countries - have apparently had little effect on salary levels in Denmark

A new study by the Swiss bank UBS based on figures from 2009-10 shows that Danes are among the highest paid workers in the world. Only in Zurich, Switzerland, did workers earn higher wages on average than workers in Copenhagen. In contrast, our closest neighbours in Sweden and Germany earn significantly less.

"Danish salaries have remained at the top of the list, pretty much unchanged, since 2003. It is worth noting that the difference in salaries is not just big globally, but also regionally. In western Europe workers earn approximately three times as much as their counterparts in eastern Europe," Daniel Kalt, head of economic research for UBS, told Berlingske newspaper.

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