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New website helps Danish residents ‘know their council’, regardless of language

New website offers practical information in seven languages about services to Danish residents. Opponents say money could have been better spent

From CPR-numbers to daycare placements, from how to register a new business to leisure opportunities, many resident services are administered through Denmark’s 98 local councils.

But for a newcomer to the country, navigating all the information can be difficult if not downright impossible, because the details about these vital services are generally found only in Danish, with limited information in English – if you’re lucky.

But thanks to a new initiative by Copenhagen Council, non-Danish speakers now have access to the trove of practical information on resident services.

The council has spent 100,000 kroner to develop the website ‘Kend Din Kommune’ (Know Your Council) a guide to resident services made available in Urdu, Arabic, Farsi, French, Bosnian, Turkish and Somali, while information in English is available at the Copehagen Counsil´s main webpage

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