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Monocle survey: "Denmark is a pioneer of sustainable energy and a world leader in architecture and urban planning

Global affairs magazine Monocle´s newly launched 'Denmark Survey' offers a panomara of Danish society, economy, culture, architecture, retail, urbanism and more

At 36-pages in length, the Monocle 'Denmark National Survey' will be part of the magazine's December-issue, covering everything from Denmark´s economy, society and transport to culture, architecture, agriculture, retail and urbanism.

Monocle traveled throughout Denmark in September to speak with a diverse collection of leading thinkers, creatives, scholars and prominent business people from Denmark who is hosting the EU presidency in 2012.

Tyler Brûlé, Monocle’s editor-in-chief, believes that the launch of the survey comes at a time when Denmark has never looked better:

"The nation is a pioneer of sustainable energy and a world leader in architecture and urban planning.With a rich cultural tradition, Denmark might have suffered from being a bit timid over the past few decades, but with the budding and brilliant young generation of fashion designers, filmmakers, product designers, gallerists and musicians – the Danes are taking a global centre stage," he says.

Ambassador Klavs A. Holm, Undersecretary for Public Diplomacy at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark is thrilled about the Denmark survey:

"Monocle is one of today’s most influential media outlets reaching a global audience of trendsetters, opinion makers and business people, and we were flattered when earlier this year they presented the idea of doing a national survey on Denmark. The outside look that Monocle provides on what our country has to offer is exiting indeed and I hope the survey will intrigue and inspire Monocle readers to find out more about Denmark."