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Danish researchers build world's most powerful ultrasound scanner

After seven year of intense research Danish researchers at DTU have build the most powerful ultrasound scanner in the world

Danish researchers at the Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) have together with experts from Prevas developed the world's most powerful ultrasound scanner.

With the new scanner, clinicians and researchers can see 3D images of what is going on inside the body, when it is actually taking place. That is one of the primary benefits of ultrasound - the images are seen in real-time. This for example makes it possible to put pressure on a blood vessel and see how it affects the flow:

- We will use the scanner to develop new ultrasound methods and we are currently developing a new technique to measure the blood's velocity in the body, explains Professor Jørgen Arendt Jensen, Head of Center for Fast Ultrasound Imaging at DTU.

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Published: 23.05.2012