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The Rhythmic Music Conservatory (RMC)

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The Rhythmic Music Conservatory

Programmes are currently taught in Danish onlyh

The Rhytmic Music Convervatory is a powerhouse of musical and innovative development. The level of education is high, and our students are taught by brilliant teachers from Denmark and abroad.

RMC is in close contact with the vibrant music scene in Denmark as well as the professional music industry. Our students have ample opportunity to develop their professional skills and enjoy campus life with their fellow students.

RMC is situated in a purpose-built building with top-grade technical and rehearsal facilities. The neighbouring art schools of architecture, film, theatre, and dance provide a unique environment for artistic and educational interaction between students and staff.

At RMC you can study towards undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in music performance, music education, sound engineering, and music management. RMC also offers an advanced solo performance degree for professionals with a master’s degree or equivalent educational background.