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Maritime Training and Education Centre - MARTEC

MARTEC is the maritime and polytechnic education center in northern Denmark.

The school offers degree courses as Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering as well as Ships assistant (seaman), Energytechnology, Shipsmachinist and a wide array of courses within maritime subjects, offshore safety and technical courses.  MARTEC also operates the danish national Training ship DANMARK.

DANMARK was built with the sole purpose of training merchant marine sailors, a task that has been interrupted only once:  In 1939 the vessel visited the United States to participate in the 1939 World’s Fair in New York City, but at the outbreak of hostilities in World War II she stayed in US waters to avoid capture by the Germans.

As a trainee on the Training ship DANMARK, you will visit exciting parts of the world as a natural part of your education. To ensure the function of the ship it requires that all on board are involved in the operation around the clock. Furthermore, professional competence and social skills are highly weighted and during the voyage there will be plenty of time and opportunity to train the skills of cooperation, tolerance and responsibility – all key skills in our days’ society. Many choose to join for a voyage after they have completed a secondary education.

Large Sailing Ships

The large sailing ship Georg StageSchools of Maritime Education & Training

While offering exclusively Primary and Lower Secondary Education within the field of seamanship it bears mention that Denmark upholds traditional long ships for the training of young people. Are you interested in learning more about this educational approach visit Skoleskibet Danmark and Skoleskibet Georg Stage (in Danish only)