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Signature Page – Admission without a Danish CPR-number or NemID

If you are seeking admission to a higher education institution in Denmark without the Danish Personal Identification number (CPR-number) and NemID (common log-in solution for Danish Internet banks, government websites and some other private companies), send a signed signature page for each programme you are applying for

Students with diplomas from an upper secondary educational institution in EU and EEA countries can apply for admission to higher education programmes in Denmark. These applicants will be considered on equal terms with Danish applicants and must meet the same entry requirements.

Applications to higher education in Denmark are coordinated centrally. Thus, prospective students do not apply directly to the single educational institutions, but through the national admission website:

The higher education institutions are able to download your application from the webpage as soon as they have received your signature page. The higher education institutions must obtain the signature page within the application deadline.

The website opens on 1 February. The deadline for applications is 15 March at 12 noon. Applicants can apply for up to 8 different programmes at one time, among those the same programme at several educational institutions. You need to make a priority of your choices. You will only get one offer. If you are not admitted to any of your prioritized programmes, you will receive a rejection letter from the coordinating authority.

Important things to remember:

There are several things you need to remember and research:

You must send a signature page for each programme you apply to the higher education institution that offers the program. The signature page will be generated on after finishing the digital application. You must print it, sign it, and send it to the higher education institution. The page contains an application ID, which is needed for the institution to find and download your application at

  • If you apply for multiple programmes at the same educational institution, you will need to send multiple signature pages.
  • You must sign the signature page by hand
  • Signature pages must not be uploaded on, but are to be sent separately by mail or email.
  • If you send the signature page by email, you will need to print the signature page, sign it, tand then scan it and attach it in the email to the institution
  • You must upload your diplomas and other documentation onto
  • You must research deadlines for uploading documents and documentation requirements on the websites of the institutions.
  • On you can edit and change the order of your priority, delete applications and upload annexes before 5. July 12.00 pm.

Danish higher education institutions that receive signature pages by email or by upload:



University Colleges

Business Academies

Schools of Maritime Education & Training


  • Svendborg International Maritime Academy (SIMAC):
  • Aarhus School of Maritime and Technical Engineering :
  • Copenhagen School of Maritime Education and Training:
  • Maritime Training and Education Centre (MARTEC):

Other higher education institutions: