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International Hospitality Management

Top-up degree of International Hospitality Management, 90 ECTS
Economics, commerce, management and accounting Hotel, tourism, leisure, transport and logistics

Institution University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)
Campus UCN Business
Duration 1.5 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 3708 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR

Are you dreaming of an international career in the hospitality industry?


This is a top-up programme intended for graduates of Academy Profession Degree Programmes in Marketing Management or Service, Hospitality and Tourism Management. The top-up programme earns you a bachelor's degree in International Hospitality Mangement with only 1.5 years of additional study.The programme will provide you with the competences to work in day-to-day operations, development, administration and management in an international work environment in the hospitality industry. A specialisation period will allow you to focus more deeply on either tourism, the hotel and restaurant industry or experience economy. You will learn about management, strategy, economics, cultural awareness and customer relations. You will be provided with the tools to develop new markets and concepts, achieve an understanding of a company’s strategic challenges as well as the ability to handle the practical implementation and operation of a company strategy. For Danish students, the first semester will be taught in Danish, before the programme continues taught fully in English from the second semester. For international students, all semesters are fully taught in English. This means that Danish and international students study together from the second semester, giving you valuable intercultural competences as well as an international network.


As a Bachelor of International Hospitality Management, you may find employment as resort manager, marketing coordinator, destination manager, sales manager etc.


The programme is based on a number of national and local subject elements that together make up the study programme.The elements have been divided into themes, local subject element and electives, each containing different subjects.
Semester 1
  • Theme 1: Employee and organization development (12 ECTS)
  • Theme 2: Business operations (13 ECTS)
  • Local subject element: Employability (5 ECTS)
Semester 2: 
  • Theme 3: Hospitality and Hostmanship (14 ECTS)
  • Theme 4: Strategic Value Creation (11 ECTS)
  • Elective (5 ECTS)
Semester 3: 
  • Internship
  • Bachelor’s degree project
Compulsory national and local subject elements:
  • Management and organization
  • Economics
  • Culture and guest understanding
  • Hostmanship
  • Strategy
  • Methodology
  • Law
  • Sales and marketing

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Application date
Jul 01
Start date
Sep 01

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