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Risk Assessment of Xenobiotics 2020

Summer School of , 5 ECTS
Mathematics, natural- and computer science

Institution Aarhus University (AU)
Campus Aarhus
Duration 2 weeks
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 1159 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 137 EUR
They are all over the place! Here, there and everywhere you will find chemicals. Outside your doorstep, in the deepest oceans, in isolated arctic seabirds you can find manmade chemicals. No wonder, as the annual global sales value of chemicals now exceeds 3,500,000,000,000 €. Add to that, pharmaceuticals supplementing with another 1000 billion €. More than a million European jobs are directly depending on the production of the approximately 20,000 chemicals used in EU. Twenty thousand toxic chemicals used in fatasillions of tons. It takes a deep breath not to develop chemophobia, but do not panic. There is a way forward. It is called Risk Assessment. Maybe – repeating – maybe, we have better control of the risk than the normal press coverage let you know. Actually, the press seldom knows the difference between hazard and risk. Do you? Now at least you can learn, as this course - through exiting lectures and knowledge gaining hands-on exercises – will give you the scientific insight and practical tools to handle and evaluate the next headline claiming a new group of chemicals is the end of the world, as we know it.  

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Application date
Apr 01
Start date
Jul 06


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