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Political Science

Master (2 years) of Political Science, 120 ECTS
Humanities, social sciences, communication and arts

Institution Aarhus University (AU)
Campus Aarhus
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 4500 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR


Does diversity jeopardise the welfare state? How is political radicalisation prevented? Why are Scandinavians more trustful than other people? At the Department of Political Science our objective is to choose the right research strategies, methods, and theoretical concepts that will enable us to answer such questions. This may involve conducting surveys, statistical modelling, or interviews, spending hours at the library, or going on field trips to the Middle East.  

The MSc in Political Science is the flagship degree of our top European political science department, whose high ratings and research attract academics from around the globe to its vibrant community of scholars. This is a high-quality, two-year programme for those who seek a comprehensive political science master’s focusing on research design and methodology. The programme gives students the possibility to specialise in the subfields of comparative politics, political theory, political sociology, international relations, public policy, or public administration.

Career Opportunities  

MSc students pursue careers in which independent analytical skills are crucial. They find challenging jobs in academia and in key policy organisations, or as consultants, analysts, or strategists in firms, NGOs, and the public sector. For half a century the department has produced a flow of illustrious alumni, from government ministers to the present Secretary-General of the EU’s Council of Ministers.

About the Degree

The MSc in Political Science is dedicated to the highest-quality teaching in an informal and egalitarian learning environment. Students are always welcome to approach the teaching staff, whose doors are open to anybody wishing to propose a supervised reading course, for example. Students are expected to engage actively in classroom debates. They also collaborate in small-scale comparative projects that make the most of the international study environment.

Political science at Aarhus University is ranked 21st in the world in the 2019 Shanghai ranking.

Independence, commitment and hard work are required to join this programme, and students will need to demonstrate excellence and dedication in their bachelor’s degree. Those who excel in their master’s may go on to apply for a place in one of our first-rate PhD programmes. This could be the first step in an international academic career.


To find out more about admission to the MSc in Political Science please visit the programme’s website.

In addition, documentation may be required verifying that your proficiency in English is at a specified level. 
Read about the language requirements of Aarhus University

Apply directly at Aarhus University with all relevant documentation.

To find out whether the level of your foreign certificate or diploma satisfies the general entry requirements, you should contact Aarhus University directly. A list of the most commonly recognized exams and diplomas can be found at the Danish Agency for Higher Education →


There is a tuition fee for all full-time degree students outside EU, EAA, or from Switzerland. Students within an exchange programme are not required to pay tuition. 
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For Further Information

Information from the Danish Agency for Higher Education can be located at →

You will find information about the Danish assessment of foreign qualifications in Guide to diploma recognition

About the Educational System in general visit the section The Danish Higher Education System


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Mar 01
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Sep 01


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Jan 15
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Sep 01


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