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Outdoor Learning - outdoor skills and learning for children and young people

Summer School of , 5 ECTS
Health care, social services, and care services Humanities, social sciences, communication and arts Teacher's training

Institution VIA University College
Campus Campus Aarhus C
Duration 2 weeks


Subject: Outdoor Learning - Outdoor Skills and Play for Children and Young People
Dates: 5 August - 16 August
Language: English
Academic level: Bachelor level
Prerequisites: Students must have completed 1.5 years of study at bachelor level
Maximum enrolment: Maximum 25 participants. If there are more eligible applicants than available places, they will be distributed on a first-come, first served basis
Application deadline: 1 May, 2018, however courses with available places will remain open for application until June 15.
Location:  VIA University College, Aarhus City Campus, Aarhus Denmark

The purpose is to introduce the outdoors as an important and useful frame for pedagogical work with children and young people.The outdoors or nature has some special characteristics that helps learning and development and it is tradition to use the outdoors in Nordic Pedagogy when working with early years education. During the last 20 years, secondary schools and leisure - pedagogy has also included outdoor learning in the pedagogical work.


  • Concepts on nature, facts, figures and workshops describing various angles on outdoor education and outdoor learning and overview of research
  • Nature’s impact on physical and mental health
  • Sustainability,environment and engagement
  • Practical work with natural materials
  • The bonfire
  • Nature as a resource for food, i.e. collecting wild herbs
  • How to plan, implement and evaluate outdoor activities
  • Ethics, values and norms connected to the pedagogical work using nature as a tool
  • Nature as a source of fairy tales, natural history and adventure

Learning outcome
  • The student can formulate reasoned arguments to use nature in educational practice
  • The students become familiar with the tools and techniques for use in simple surveys of local natural areas
  • The student dares to wonder and can carry out simple experiments to study and explain natural phenomena
  • The students obtain knowledge of nature as a source of natural materials and food
  • The students know of relevant techniques in outdoor recreation (e.g. bonfire, camping, overnight stays in the open air)
  • The student can relate to simple questions about the environment, ecology and sustainability
In afternoon and evenings, VIA Summer School will arrange a variety of social and cultural events to expand your knowledge of Denmark and the other participants at the VIA Summer School courses. You can decide for yourself the extent to wish you want to participate in these activities.

Teaching and exam
The teaching methods are based on action-reflection theory, which means that we are always testing learning and theory through practical exercises. The teaching will be workshop-based with a mix of short theoretical lectures, presentations of – and training in – tools and reflection on what has been learnt. 
You will work with and be inspired by your fellow students. Most lectures will be held outdoors in the forest or by the coast. We will spend two to three days camping.  


You can find a link to our application via our website.

You are always welcome to contact us if you have any questions.

VIA University College
Anna Kronborg Bell
Project Manager
VIA Summer School
+45 87551505


EU-citizens = TBD
Non-EU citizens =TBD

Please contact VIA Summer School to learn more about possibilities for discounts on this course. 
Accommodation, meals (food and drink), insurance, visa and travelling expenses to and from Denmark are not included in the fee.VIA Summer School offers housing service. Read more here.

This course is offered under the act of Danish Open University.

For Further Information

Information from the Danish Agency for Higher Education can be located at

You will find information about the Danish assessment of foreign qualifications in Guide to diploma recognition

About the Educational System in general visit the section The Danish Higher Education System

August 5 - August 16 2019

Application date
May 01
Start date
Aug 05

Campus Aarhus C


This new united campus is the biggest Campus in Denmark within University Colleges. The Campus is 46,000 squaremeters divided in 5 buildings, each with 4-6 floors.
The architecture is breathtaking and has been awarded with an architecturally prize as being one of the 3 most beautiful and best new constructions in Aarhus.
The Campus is situated in the centre of Aarhus, close to everything.

Campus Aarhus C offers 10 different programmes in Danish within the fields of teaching, social education, social work, construction, engineering, business and management and 3 programmes taught and conducted in English within architecture, engineering, business and management. 

  • Students: 6.300
  • International students: 450
  • Employees: 430
Read more about Campus C here.

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