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STDK. Number of foreign students in DK
STDK. More than 600 study programmes taught in English
STDK. Think Play Participate
STDK. Summer Schools
STDK. Danish literacy rate
STDK. PhD´s have a duration of 3 years
STDK. Do a degree or add credits
STDK. Denmark tops the UN Education Index
STDK. CPH University 500 yrs old
STDK. DK spends most on children+elderly in the world
STDK. 97 pct of research takes place at universities
STDK. Taxes finance free education
STDK. Denmark is a safe country
STDK. DK spends 20 pct of GDP on healthcare
STDK. LEGO is Danish
STDK. Danes pedal a total of 1.1 million km – every day
STDK. Denmark world's most democratic country
STDK. Problem Based Learning key feature of Danish HE
Danish language courses
STDK. Danish Lessons
Billund airport is right next to the world famous amusement park LEGOLAND
Copenhagen voted Europe´s cleanest city
Denmark a top choice for environmental studies
STDK. DK - The Happiest Place
STDK. 9 out of 10 Danes own a bicycle
STDK. CPH University founded in 1479
STDK. HC. Andersen was a Dane
STDK. Wozniacki is a Dane
STDK. Denmark has been awarded 14 Nobel Prizes
UCPH - International research collaboration
UCPH - History
UCPH - Nobel Prize Winners
PhDs are fully funded
EA Lillebælt: International students
EA Lillebælt: Accommodation
MUC Nationalities
MUC facebook
Denmark has world´s strongest entrepreneurial climate
Weather in Denmark
Happiest Scientists
Free healthcare for international students
Least Corrupt Country