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Teacher in Denmark/Bachelor of education

You will be authorized as a teacher for primary and lower secondary levels in three subjects. Denmark is in need of qualified teachers.

You will be authorized as a teacher for primary and lower secondary levels in three subjects. Denmark is in need of qualified teachers.

Name: Teacher education/Lehrerausbildung 
Type: Bachelor of Education 
Length: 4 years 
European transfer credits: 240

The first year the language of instruction is English or German, according to your choice. You will be integrated in a class of Danish students wanting to becometeachers of English or German as a foreign language. Alongside you will receive intensive training in the Danish language.

From the second year and onwards you will follow the usual syllabus in Danish and choose your second and your third subject. During your studies you will have 24 weeks of supervised school experience.

Teacher education in Haderslev has a leading position in using new technologies in teaching and learning. 
The study is a mixture of lectures, group work, student presentations, and project oriented learning.

Entry Requirements

  • An upper secondary leaving certificate/high school diploma
  • Fluency in English or German
  • Knowledge in mathematics and science

And in particular

  • that you are open-minded, flexible and prepared to learn a new language.


Preferably 15th March and no later than 27th of June. Application for to be found at


As an EU citizen you do not pay any fee.

Semester Start

Medio August

Educational Institutions

A full teacher education for international students is only offered at University College South Denmark, Haderslev campus.

University College South

Areas of study: Teacher training, nursing, graphic communication and social education 
Main address: Lembckesvej 3-7, 6100 Haderslev


For Further Information

You may find a list of courses taught in Danish at the Danish Ministry of Education website

You can find information on practical issues related to your study visit in Denmark with Danish Agency for International Education: