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University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)

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University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)

The University College of Northern Denmark is located in three cities, Hjørring, Thisted and Aalborg, and currently has about 10,000 students, 1,000 of which are international students.

The college offers a dynamic and informal study environment. Small seminars and group work activities are always part of the study programs. Students are empowered and are expected to develop a critical and analytical approach and play an active role. A Career Service assists students seeking internship placements and careers.

What you can study here

Architectural Technology and Construction Management

Want to learn everything about ECO architecture in a digital design world? Eager to learn how to design, plan, construct and manage complete building projects from inception to completion?


The Bachelor’s degree programme in Architectural Technologyand Construction Management (ATCM) gives you the opportunity to become an extremely valuable asset to architectural and construction companies in a world where governmentsare enforcing major reductions in the allowable energy usage in a building. The stimulating learning process on the ATCM programme involves studying as a member of a project group where the group designs the project documentation in digital form for 1) client approval, 2) planning permission and 3)construction, As a student, you will be able to participate in international projects with our partners and have a chance to support our PhD students with their research. The programmeis recognised by organisations like CIOB, ABE and CIAT.


As a graduate your role is to solve technical construction problems. You have to interpret, develop and co-ordinate the work of the architect and civil engineer to ensure that the building project is carried out efficiently and properly. 

You can also manage the construction process on site and actas the mediat or between craftsmen, technicians, architects,engineers, surveyors, managers and clients. Working in groups in digital media during the studies simulatesa realistic working environment and qualifies you to go directly into modern architectural design and construction companiesor local authorities, insurance companies and educational centres. Additionally, this bachelor’s degree also gives accessto a master’s degree in Denmark or abroad.

When starting on the ATCM programme, you can, upon completionof the first 1.5 years (3 semesters), opt for:
• AP degree in Building Technology
• Bachelor’s degree in Architectural Technology and Construction Management


1st and 2nd semesters:
Core subjects: Focus on study areas connected with overall planning and building of family homes as well as an emphasison construction details, building materials and process planning.

3rd semester:
Core subjects: focus on individual building components such as woodand concrete components forcarcases constructions.
If you opt for an AP degree in BuildingTechnology, you work in the 4thsemester on elective assignment sand write a final project.
If you opt for a Bachelor degree in ATCM the 4th and 5th semesters are designed in the following way:
• Building and construction drawings
• Construction details
• Planning and management  of the design and construction process
• Qualified choices of building materials for a concrete multistory building project
• Conversion and renovation ofolder buildings
• Implementation and construction of industrial, sports buildings,etc.

6th semester:
A full semester internship either in an architect or engineering practice or with a building contractor. The internship can take place in Denmark or abroad.

7th semester:
Consists of an elective assignment and the final Bachelor’s project(dissertation).

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Automation Engineering

Do you want to manage the development of automation projects? Do you want to organise and implement quality assurance solutions such as robotics technology for companies to ensure optimisation of their technical controlsystems and automated facilities? Then read on! 


The 2-year AP degree Programme in Automation Engineering gives you detailed knowledge and insight into the structure andoptimisation of technical control systems. You will also learn how to use this knowledge individually and in co-operation with others. You will gain knowledge about measuring technology and data collection, control systems, technical mathematics and physics, organising and quality assurance as well asenergy savings.

Lectures vary between class-based teaching, project work and individual assignment work. Early on, during the first half ofthe first semester a project will form the basis of the lectures.The project will be assessed internally and followed up by a new project that will form the basis of the second half of the first semester.

The internship is your opportunity to test theory and methods hands-on in practise before starting work on your final exam project. The internship and the final exam project, in Denmarkor abroad,

will relate to a company where you will have ample opportunities to put your gained knowledge to use and try your skills on practise-based problems and solutions.


As an AP Graduate of Automation Engineering, you are well-prepared to step out into the business community where you can apply for jobs in utilities, light and power companies,automation businesses, machinery manufacturers and industrial businesses producing anything from wind turbinesto marmalade. Your title will typically be technician, programmer,installation manager, technical manager, PLC programmer,SCADA programmer or systems technician.

After completion of the AP degree Programme in Automation Engineering, you can apply to continue your studies on a 1.5-year top-up Bachelor’s degree programme in Product Development & Integrative Technology, also offered at UCN.


The programme is divided into fourparts:
• Compulsory elements that covera joint, national curriculum and an institutional curriculum

The institutional curriculum covers subjects within:
- Technical systems design
- Control technology
- Configuration and programming
- Communications technology
- Project development

The joint, national curriculumcovers subjects within:
- Design and construction of automation units
- Integration of automatic units
- Systems design of automatic process and production lines
- Business-related subjects

• Electives could include subjects such as:
- Databases
- Robotics technology
- Optimisation
- High-level programming
- Knowledge technology
- Wireless technologies

• A three month internship
• A final exam project

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Computer Science

Looking for excellent career prospects in computing? Are you keen on finding solutions and being challenged, using an analytical approach? Want to obtainhighly respected qualifications?  


The 2.5-year AP degree programme in Computer Science equips you with all-round knowledge in the field of information technology. The programme is based on a practical approach- “learning by doing”. The Computer Science programme emphasises both the technical and the social aspect because the graduate is expected to work in a team in a future workplace,functioning well as a teamplayer in the field of information technology.

You will be studying subjects in the fields of programming, system development and business. We only teach a single subject per day to allow you to really get into the subject. In the fourth semester, you will select a subject of particular interest to you.This is your chance to develop the profile you want and choose the direction of your future working life.


An AP degree in Computer Science provides you with a strong profile to kick off an immediate business career.

Career opportunities include:

• Programmer
• Systems developer
• Systems administrator
• Network consultant
• Software developer
• Software architect

Your employer may be a private company or a public,national or international organisation. After completion of the Computer Science programme, you can also choose to continue your studies at UCN in Software Development or Web Development. They are top-up programmes adding another1.5 years of full-time, undergraduate studies to your degree,giving you a BA degree. You can also choose to continue studies at other universities in Denmark or abroad.


The course consists of 5 semesters,which equal a total of 150ECTS credits in the European Credit Transfer System.
Compulsory subjects,semesters 1 to 3:
• System development
• Business
Specialised part semester 4:
• Electives
Electives may vary from year toyear based on student suggestion sand new trends.
Semester 5:
• Internship in Denmark or abroad
• Final exam project

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Design, Technology & Business (Graphics)

Are you full of new ideas? Are you fond of graphic design and communication?


The 2-year AP degree in Design, Technology & Business(Graphics) is an opportunity to study in an a professional environment where we welcome diversity and problem solving skills. The programme is for students wanting to develop creative skills within a commercial context and provide creative solutions to real communication problems through graphic design.
Along the way, students may opt for a study abroad period with some of the UCN partners all over the world.

The programme consist of three main elements:

- The tehnology part: You will gain skills in graphic design programs:
• Illustrator
• Photoshop
• InDesign

- The creative / aesthetical part: You will gain competences inthe design process:
• From idea to finished product

- The organisational part: You will gain relevant businessknowledge about:
• Businesses
• Commerce
• Communication


The programme prepares the graduate to independently planand carry out processes and tasks in business areas concerning graphic design and communication. For this reason,  your job opportunities with an AP degree in Graphic Design will beconsiderable. Career options include a profession within:
• Graphic design
• Editorial & advertising
• Newspapers and magazines
• Print houses
• Illustration
• Marketing departments 

With an AP degree within this programme, you have various possibilities to pursue further academic studies: graduatescan obtain a BA degree in Digital Concept Development if they undertake another 1.5 years of top-up studies within this fieldat UCN.


The first 3 semesters take placeat UCN in Denmark and consist of compulsory and elective subjects.

1st semester:
Mandatory module
• Design
• Business
• Technology

2nd semester:
Mandatory area of study
• Design

3rd semester:
Mandatory area of study(continued)
• Elective subjectExamples of elective subjects - that can vary from year to year - could be:
• Promotional video and screen graphics
• Digital publishing
• Modern branding
• Typography
• Animation graphics

4th semester:
• Internship of three months where you get the opportunity torelate the theory in a realcompany
• Final examination project

The programme combines practical work in graphic design programs such as QuarkXPress, Illustrator,Photoshop and InDesign with a creative and aesthetical understanding of design processes from ideas to finished products.

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Digital Concept Development

Would you like to qualify yourself to work on digital platforms at a strategi cand practical level? Do you want to learn more about user-driven innovationand user experiences on the web?


The 1.5-year full-time Bachelor’s degree programme in Digital Concept Development functions as a bridging programmeto the Design, Technology & Business as well as Multimedia Design & Communication and Computer Science programmes.The programme will provide you with an in-depth understanding of the strategic, creative and business-oriented aspects of digital concept development. You will learn about technical requirements for ensuring that your concepts actually make avaluable difference for the client and the users. You will learn to develop digital concepts that combine various professional disciplines such as commerce, design, user understanding,communication, marketing, business models, technology, and project management.


A Bachelor’s degree in Digital Concept Development enables you to understand and work with the complexity and diverse possibilities of current technologies in relation to a given group of users and their needs and also to identify the needs of companies with a relation to this field. It provides you with a strong profile to under take professions such as:
• Concept developer in companies within the industry of digital media, advertising, design or web
• Digital marketing/Digital communications manager in major companies
• Cross-media manager in large companies
• Project manager in development and execution of digital concepts in companies within the industry of digital media,advertising, design or web
• E-shop manager
• Entrepreneur or freelancer within digital commerce, digital design as well as digital communication and marketing 


The programme comprises 3 semesters and consists of mandatory as well as elective subjects where you can specialise according to your future plans. In the 1st semester,you have 5 mandatory courses,and in the 2nd semester you have 2 mandatory courses and you must choose between 2 electives.The final semester contains an internship as well as the concluding bachelor’s project.

1st semester - mandatory subjects:
• Concept and business development
• Project management A
• User surveys and methodology
• Understanding technology
• Theory of science

2nd semester - mandatory subjects:
• Communication and marketing
• Project management B

2nd semester – electives:
• Digital commerce
•Digital design

3rd semester:
• Internship in Denmark or abroad
• Bachelor’s project

Project groups will develop digital concepts along side their lessons in the respective subjects.

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Energy Technology


Becoming a sought after energy technology specialist is one of the most ‘future-proof’ educations you can consider. Businesses are struggling with the complexity of internal and external energy systems, optimizing business processand engaging in energy wise practice to save real money. Companies will value their Energy Technologist as highly as their accountant in evaluating growth, projects and CSR responsibility. This course is the perfect introduction for those wanting to take on our biggest challenge, with a global appreciation for making local changes that really matter.


The AP degree programme in Energy Technology is a two year full-time under graduate programme equalling to 120 ECTS Credits. The programme is providing a wide overview of sustainable energy technology and how it is placed in the modern business environment, the graduate is enabled to handle diverse and complex projects across many sectors, including…Utilising the latest technological and environmental innovations,energy optimization and conservation can be applied to residential, commercial or industrial situations. The relevant theory applied to hands on experience in the sectors, rounds out a high quality, highly relevant qualification and useful to any businesses that is looking to stay competitive.


With an AP degree in Energy Technology, you will obtain competences enabling you to advise clients on practical energy optimisation, energy supply in industrial and private construction,as well as industrial process installations. Graduates may seek employment in utility companies, in the installation industry or in technical and environmental departments in the state and/or municipalities in jobs like
• Project manager
• Energy engineer
• Energy advisor
• Energy consultant

With an AP degree in Energy Technology, you can also apply to extend your studies by 1.5 years and get a top-up Bachelor’sdegree in Product Development & Intergrative Technology at UCN.


The programme is divided into 4 semesters, each with its own distinctive technical focus.The compulsory part containsa number of technical energy theory modules such as buildingtechnology, indoor environment,automation, control and regulation,traditional and innovative energy sources, energy analysis, calculation of energy consumption as well as process and production plants.The elective subjects cover a wide field and provide you with the opportunity of working thoroughly with a subject and specialising inprocess and production plants,building installations as well as alternative and new energy sources.

Furthermore, the programme enhances your knowledge on subjects related to corporate understanding, primarily subjects focusing on innovation, project management and business know how.

The 3-month internship 
in the4th semester can take place in Denmark or abroad and gives you the opportunity to apply theory and skills you acquired in practice whileco-operating with an interesting company. The semester concludes with a final project based on co-operation with a company and embraces skills and knowledge acquired throughout the entire programme.

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Export and Technology Management

Are you interested in international business and selling? Do you want to be in charge of a company’s exports and collaborate with technical staff as wellas sales organisation? Do you want to implement sales, service and marketingplans on a global scale? Then this is the study programme for you!


The 3.5-year Bachelor’s degree programme in Export & Technology Management combines technical fields with mercantile subjects and provides the graduate with a profound insight into the company’s business in relation to product sales and technical solutions.
The programme is a full-time, undergraduate BA degree equal to 210 ECTS credits.
The first five semesters are primarily based on classroom lessons combined with company visits and guest teachers.


With a Bachelor’s degree in Export & Technology Management, you can participate in the strategic development of the customerbasisand relations for the company through technical service, counselling and sales. Thus, you should be able to complete and implement sales, services and marketing plansin a global market. The programme provides you with a strong profile to work as:
Sales engineer
• Product Manager
• Marketing coordinator
• Project Management
• Logistics
• Purchasing
• Quality Control


The programme is divided into three cross-sectional fields: atechnical, a mercantile and ageneral field:

Technical subjects:
• Product development
• Production process
• Construction
• Design
• Materials
• Project management
• Innovation
• IT systems
• Quality Management

Commercial subjects:
• Logistics
• Marketing
• Micro & Macro Economics

General subjects:
Negotiation techniques
• Communication & Culture
• Organisation
• Methodology

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Global Health


Global Health is concerned with improving health and achieving equality in health for people worldwide and this course it is of highly relevance for undergraduate health education.

At the course the participant will:

  • study in an intercultural and inter-professional class
  • cooperate with health organisations, municipalities, work places e.g.
  • learn about different perspectives in Global Health
  • become aware of own profession in inter professional and multicultural collaboration

Career Opportunities

Supplementary qualifications to degrees in health.

About the Degree

The course is 18 ECTS and contents different themes and project work.

3 ECTS: Global Health - prevention and health promotion focusing on women and elderly.
3 ECTS: Organisation and Cooperation
3 ECTS: Health and Intercultural Communication
2 ECTS: Welfare Technology and Innovation
3 ECTS: Health Science, Research Methods and Ethics
4 ECTS: Clinical Visits, Project Work and Examinations

To reach 3 months and 20 ECTS the exchange can start one week earlier OR end one week later.

Qualifications and application

International and Danish students enrolled at University College studying Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Midwifery, Radiography, Speech therapy OR other health-related programmes can apply to participate in this module.

  • You must be a second or third year student at the start of the international module in Global Health.
  • You must be able to follow a discussion and communicate in English.

In addition, documentation may be required verifying that your proficiency in English is at a
specified level.

Application deadline

Autumn module: 1 April
Spring module: 1 October

Apply directly at

Costs and accommodation

The module is free of tuition for students from partner universities. Fundraising from Erasmus/Nordplus should be arranged by the home institution. If UCN has no agreement with the home institution OR the student has completed an undergraduate degree, we are obliged to charge a tuition fee for EU citizen and for citizen outside EU. During the module a number of social events will be arranged during the course. For your accommodation, please look

On Facebook you might find some relevant accommodation on these groups:

UCN do have very limited support for accommodation, but we have some contacts to a few flats to be rented.   


Spring term: 01 February to 22 2016.       

Autumn term: 22 August to 11 November 2016.                                                 

To reach 3 months and 20 ECTS the exchange can start one week earlier OR end one week later. Ask for possibility to extend the stay with 8 weeks of fieldwork or internship to reach 30 ECTS.

For Further Information

Information from the Danish Agency for Higher Education can be located at

You will find information about the Danish assessment of foreign qualifications in
Guide to
diploma recognition.

About the Educational System in general visit the section
The Danish Higher Education System
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International Hospitality Management



The BA in International Hospitality Management is a business programme that is specifically designed to educate professionalsin economics, management, revenue management,customer understanding, business strategy, cultural awareness and intercultural competences in the field of hospitality.The programme is a full-time 3-semester undergraduate programme equalling 90 ECTS.

The programme focusses on management in tourism, hotel and restaurant industries and enables you to analyse, assess and find solutions to business problems and issues, as well as manage practice-related and complex assignments related to administration, management and development. UCN has a close collaboration with the business community and the programme builds on both theoretical knowledge and practical experience. The programme is designed as a combination of whole-class teaching, case studies, practical assignments and workshops, guest lectures, study trips, and individual or group projects.


During the studies you have the possibility to shape your personal career profile to your future dream job by carefully choosing your internship company, focusing on the areas that interest you when working on projects, and by other activities in which you take part during your student time. You can for example work with management and development tasks in the following fields in Denmark or abroad:

Budgeting and finance
• Business development
• Communication
• Customer service
• Destination development
• Human resources management 
Marketing and sales
• Operational management
• Project management
• Strategic management

The possible workplace for you can be:
• Destination management organizations
• Conference centres
• Hotels etc. (accomodationsector)
• Restaurants (food &beverage sector)
• Travel agencies• Tour operators
• Tourist attractions
• Event companies
• Public sector


Semester 1: Lectures, project work, tutoring,case studies.
Core subjects:
• Optimisation and revenue management
• Financial management through key figures and annual reports
• Department and activity budgeting
• Investments and financing
• Distribution of costs management
• Labour law and work environment
• Human resource manage -ment and leadership
• Theory of science and methodology

Semester 2: Lectures, project work, tutoring,case studies.
Core subjects:
Radical new thinking in hospitality,cultural awareness & customer relations
• The concepts of culture and the hospitality industry
• Guest/customer behaviour
• Negotiation techniques
• Organisational culture

Semester 3: Internship in Denmark or abroad and Final bachelor's project and examination.

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International Sales & Marketing



The programme focuses on sales and marketing in an international context with special emphasis on business-to-businesssales. The programme is a full-time, 3-semester undergraduate programme equal to 90 ECTS credits. It is based onthe business world’s demands for staff with international competences for work in the area of international sales andmarketing management.


With a Bachelor’s degree in International Sales & Marketing you can get a good job as e.g.:
• Marketing manager
• Export manager
• Sales manager
• Sales and marketing co-ordinator
• International sales representative
• Sales support executive
• Key account manager
• Sales planner


On the BA programme semesters 1 and 2 contain:
• Lectures, project work, tutoring,case studies, compulsory assignments in a thematic structure

Semester 3:• Internship in Denmark or abroad and Bachelor’s project

Core subjects:
• Marketing

• Supply chain management
• Management and organisation
• Business law
• Economics

Subjects are taught in the contextof two overall themes:
• The background for a company’s sales
• Business development with an international perspective

Themes are subdivided into topics i.e.:
• The customer as the focal point
• Industry and competitors
• Innovation
• Developing the sales base and the business platform
• The sales performance
• Follow-up and retention
• Theory of science and methods 

You can choose between the general International Sales & Marketing Degree or a specialisation in Emerging Markets in Africa.

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Marketing Management



The AP degree in Marketing Management is a 2-year, broadly-based business career platform taking place in an international setting at UCN. It is a full-time, 4-semester undergraduate programme equal to 120 ECTS credits.

Our programme provides you with the newest tools necessary when studying areas of marketing specific to the marketing function within organisations (e.g. sales management), as well as the study of contemporary marketing techniques.

On the Marketing Management programme, instruction usually takes place between 8:00 and 15:30. Teaching is divided into modules that last half a day or a whole day. For instance, amodule could be about competitor analysis in the subject“International Marketing” or it could be a lecture, a group assignment, field analysis etc.


After completing the Marketing Management programme, you can either choose to pursue a business career with your newly obtained AP degree, or you may decide to continue your
studies on our bachelor’s programme of International Sales & Marketing, International Hospitality Management or Sport Management. Other top-up BA programmes are available at other Danish universities or abroad in e.g. the UK.

Career opportunities include:
• Marketing co-ordinator
• Sales supporter
• Trainee• PR worker
• Advertising consultant
• Export sales representative
• Project co-ordinator, or
• Purchasing assistant 


The first 3 semesters take placeat UCN in Denmark and consist of compulsory and elective subjects. It is also possible to study one semester abroad. In the programme’s 4th semester, you can go for an internship at a company of your choice in Denmark or abroad. Lastly, a final project is to be written in order to complete the programme. This is to be made in close collaboration with a specific company which could be the same company as where you did your internship during the specialisation period.

Modules covered from semesters 1to 3:
• Business understanding
• Methodology
• Market understanding
• Tactical and operational marketing B2C
• Tactical and operational marketing B2B
• Internationalisation

Elective subjects:
The elective subjects change overtime as the demand from the businessworld changes . Example of electives:
• Entrepreneurship
• Digital marketing
• Insights for business
• Project management
• Africa’s emerging markets
• Global markets
• Graphic design
• Purchasing and logistics
• Personal business communication
• Product development
• Law
• Managerial economics
• Statistics

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Multimedia Design & Communication

Is working with DIGITAL media your passion? Do you want to create the websites or apps for the future? Do you like working with technology? Are you into aesthetics, design, user interfaces and user-centered design? Would you like to learn how to code and program websites and apps?


The 2-year, full-time AP degree in Multimedia Design and Communication is an opportunity to study within the wide field of media and communication. Your future work may range from consultation to managing multimedia productions. Thisis an undergraduate programme equal to 120 ECTS. It is basedon the business world’s demands for staff with international competences in the area of web development.Multimedia Design and Communication is a short educationin the higher education system. You work with practice in the education and often cooperate with the business life on solving tangible assignments for them. You also work academically.The starting point for developing and implementing multimedia productions is a solid theoretical foothold.


The programme enables the graduate to independently planand carry out processes and tasks in multimedia productions,from strategy and market analysis through A/V productions
and design of user interfaces to the programming of the endresult published on the Internet.

Career options include professions as:
• Web/multimedia developer
• Webmaster
• Concept developer
• Project manager
• Graphic web designer
• App developer
• Interaction designer
• Self employed/entrepreneur

With an AP degree in Multimedia Design & Communication, you have various possibilities to pursue further academic studies:graduates can apply to a BA degree in Web Development or Digital Concept Development if they undertake another 1.5years of top-up studies within this field at UCN. Graduates can also continue their top-up studies at other universities.


Semesters 1 to 3:Lectures, project work, tutoring, case studies, compulsory assignments within:

Core subjects:
• Multimedia design
• Concept development
• Video & audio
• Aesthetics
• Usability
• Communication
• Media sociology
• Marketing
• Project management
• Corporate culture and strategy
• Programming and coding
• Database modelling

Semester 4:
• Internship in Denmark or abroad
• Final examination project

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Product Development & Integrative Technology



This top-up programme is a 3-semester, full-time study programme equivalent to 90 ECTS. If you have completed an AP degree in:
• Production Technology,
• IT Network & Electronics Technology,
• Energy Technology or
• Automation Engineering, you may be admitted to this study programme.

This programme focuses on the ability to integrate different technologies in products or services. The programme is based on a product development model where you will be taken through the most important elements of a product development process. In addition to product development, you will further perfect your skills obtained during your AP degree programme. The study programme places much emphasis on development projects. Further more, it is important to be aware of co-operation relations, project management and the processof development.

Your ability to integrate different professional competences isalso in focus. Each student will be allocated a process supervisor and a subject supervisor. The study programme aims for you to carry out the projects inclose collaboration with one or more companies in Denmark or abroad.


With a BA degree in Product Development & Integrative Technology, you may find employment within the industrial or service sectors as :
• Industrial process consultant
• Project staff
• Project manager of development projects


1st semester
Theme 1:
• Philosophy of science
• Technical integration (technical analysis)
• Technology project work
• Interdisciplinary product development

Theme 2:
• Production technology
• IT technology
• Energy technology
• Environment (Life cycleassessment)
• Product development

2nd semester
Theme 3:
• Production technology
• IT technology
• Energy technology (GABI)
• Environment
• Organisation
• Economics

Theme 4:
• Environment (Re-engineering)

3rd semester
• Internship in Denmark or abroad
• Bachelor’s project

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Service, Hospitality & Tourism Management



The programme is dealing with the latest relevant business practises within Service, Hospitality & Tourism Management combined with relevant theory about the service industry,organisation, planning and communication. The programme gives a holistic knowledge and understanding of the service industry and you will be equipped to work at all levels of the organisation with development, operation, coordination, management and marketing of services for businesses and organisations within one of the three specialisations: Tourism Management, Hotel & Restaurant Management or Sport & Event Management. Furthermore, you will have knowledge and understanding of the social and cultural factors influencing the industry by developing your communicative, linguistic, intercultural, international and personal competences.


During the studies you have the possibility to shape your personal career profile to your future job by choosing carefully your internship company;,by focusing on the areas that interest you when working on projects and by other activities you take part in during your student time. You can perform many different jobs depending on your specialisation, experience and how you shape your profile. You can find a job in e.g.:
• Sales
• Key account management
• Front office
• Project management
• Communication
• Food and beverage
• Customer service
• Co-ordination´

• Business development
• Marketing
• Event management
• HR management
• Finance
• Independent entrepreneur 

The possible workplace for you can be:
• Travel agency – tour operator
• Tourist agency
• Hotel• Restaurant
• Event agency
• Conference centre
• Sports club or organisation
• Public administration
• Tourist attractions
• And many more!


The programme consists of a compulsory part worth 90 ECTS and an elective part of the specialisation counting another 30 ECTS.

Within the specialisation part, the student is required to carry out a 3-month internship in the 3rd semester. The internship takes place in a relevant business ororganisation in Denmark or abroad.
The 4th semester ends with a final dissertation and an examination.

Compulsory subjects:
• Philosophy of science and methodology
• Analysis and statistics• Industrial knowledge
• Service design• Service management law
• Leadership and project management
• Organisation and HR
• Creativity and innovation
• Strategy and business plan
• Service marketing and trends
• Economics
• Global service economics
• Business communication and networking
• Intercultural competences

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Software Development

Do you consider programming and large systems an exciting challenge? Would you like to call yourself Software Developer? If yes, this degree in Software Development may be the right choice for you.


The programme focuses on the challenges that software developers face when working with large, often global,system development projects. The first 2 semesters consistof 6 modules, focusing on different aspects of how to handlelarge projects and large systems. The last semester consists of an internship and a bachelor’s project. The programmeis a 3-semester, full-time undergraduate study equal to 90ECTS credits. It is based on the IT sector’s demands for staff with international competences within the area of software development.With an AP degree in Computer Science or an equivalent higher education, you have access to this bachelor top-up programme.


As a Bachelor of Software Development, you know how tohandle the back end of distributed IT systems based on largedatabases. Your job opportunities could be:
• Systems developer
• Systems designer
• Programmer
• Software architect
• IT consultant
• Project manager
• Systems constructor
• Web developer
• Software engineer


Semesters 1 to 2:
Lectures, project work, tutoring,case studies, compulsory assignment.

Core subjects (modules):
• Databases for developers
• Development of large scale systems
• Systems integration
• Tests

3rd semester:
• Internship in Denmark or abroad
• Bachelor’s project, where you have the opportunity to specialise in one of the areas dealt withduring your previous semesters.

Electives may vary from year to year based on student suggestions and new trends.

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Sport Management

Are you interested in the sport industry and committed to take leading positions in this highly challenging business? If you like to combine your passion for sports and events with a deep understanding of the underlying mechanisms of sports, events and leisure, this programme is the right choice for you.


The programme focuses on sport management, marketing, economy and law in an international context with special emphasis on events, experience economy and the sport industry. With this degree, you can contribute to the growth of this sector and also to the development of experience economy in general. The programme is a full-time, 3-semester undergraduate programme equal to 90 ECTS credits. Being a graduate of Sport Management will open many doors to a highly competitive world of sports, events and leisure management.


With this degree, you will learn to manoeuvre within the sport business. Your future tasks may range from running professional sports activities to planning and conducting events, or you might work as a project co-ordinator within the public sector. Your first job could be as an administrator or project manager in one of the many different projects and events within the field of sports, and job titles could be e.g.:

• Sports consultant

• Sports executive

• Key account manager

• Sports development planner

• Club manager

• Sports marketing co-ordinator

• Event co-ordinator

• Project manager


Semesters 1 to 2: Lectures, project work, tutoring, case studies, compulsory assignments in a thematic structure, visits to organisations in the industry.

Semester 3: Internship in Denmark or abroad and Bachelor’s project

Core subjects: • Sports industry - sport organisations and the environment

• Sport marketing - consumer behaviour - sponsorships and fundraising

• Sport management - strategy, - organisation and human resource management

• Sport economics - sport as a product - sport finance

• Methods and research in sports

• Sport law - sport contracts and risk management - legislation

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Web Development



This programme will prepare you to work in society characterised by a rapid development of digitisation needs and sophisticated methods in industry/media applications. As a Bachelor of Web Development, you know how to handle the front end of IT systems using customer management systems (CMS). You will also know how web systems are built from scratch using object-oriented techniques and relational databases.

The programme is a full-time, 3-semester undergraduate programme equal to 90 ECTS credits. It is based on the business world’s demands for staff with international competences in the area of web development.With an AP degree in
• Multimedia Design & Communication,
Computer Science or
• an equivalent higher education,
you will have access to this top-up bachelor’s programme.


• Web developer
• Web designer
• Project manager/co-ordinator
• Multimedia consultant
• Event manager
• Media planner
• Web administrator


Semesters 1 and 2:
Lectures, project work, tutoring,case studies, compulsory assignments.

Core subjects (modules):
• Development environments
• Interface design
• Databases
• Web development, backend or frontend

Electives may vary from year to year based on student suggestionsand new trends. Students can opt for a study abroad period with UCN partners all over the world.

3rd semester:
Internship in Denmark or abroad.

Bachelor’s project where you have the opportunity to specialise in one of the areas dealt with during your 1st or 2nd semester.

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