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Automation Engineering

Academy Profession Degree of Automation Engineering, 120 ECTS

Institution University College of Northern Denmark (UCN)
Campus UCN Technology
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 7300 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR
Do you want to manage the development of automation projects? Do you want to organise and implement quality assurance solutions such as robotics technology for companies to ensure optimisation of their technical controlsystems and automated facilities? Then read on! 


The 2-year AP degree Programme in Automation Engineering gives you detailed knowledge and insight into the structure andoptimisation of technical control systems. You will also learn how to use this knowledge individually and in co-operation with others. You will gain knowledge about measuring technology and data collection, control systems, technical mathematics and physics, organising and quality assurance as well asenergy savings.

Lectures vary between class-based teaching, project work and individual assignment work. Early on, during the first half ofthe first semester a project will form the basis of the lectures.The project will be assessed internally and followed up by a new project that will form the basis of the second half of the first semester.

The internship is your opportunity to test theory and methods hands-on in practise before starting work on your final exam project. The internship and the final exam project, in Denmarkor abroad,

will relate to a company where you will have ample opportunities to put your gained knowledge to use and try your skills on practise-based problems and solutions.


As an AP Graduate of Automation Engineering, you are well-prepared to step out into the business community where you can apply for jobs in utilities, light and power companies,automation businesses, machinery manufacturers and industrial businesses producing anything from wind turbinesto marmalade. Your title will typically be technician, programmer,installation manager, technical manager, PLC programmer,SCADA programmer or systems technician.

After completion of the AP degree Programme in Automation Engineering, you can apply to continue your studies on a 1.5-year top-up Bachelor’s degree programme in Product Development & Integrative Technology, also offered at UCN.


The programme is divided into fourparts:
• Compulsory elements that covera joint, national curriculum and an institutional curriculum

The institutional curriculum covers subjects within:
- Technical systems design
- Control technology
- Configuration and programming
- Communications technology
- Project development

The joint, national curriculumcovers subjects within:
- Design and construction of automation units
- Integration of automatic units
- Systems design of automatic process and production lines
- Business-related subjects

• Electives could include subjects such as:
- Databases
- Robotics technology
- Optimisation
- High-level programming
- Knowledge technology
- Wireless technologies

• A three month internship
• A final exam project

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Application date
Mar 15
Start date
Sep 01

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