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Anthropology of Education and Globalisation

Master (2 years) of Anthropology of Education and Globalisation, 120 ECTS
Humanities, social sciences, communication and arts

Institution Aarhus University (AU)
Campus Copenhagen
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 4000 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR


Education, learning and knowledge are widely recognised as the prime drivers in our rapidly changing world of global mobility. They are also the processes that build equal opportunity, economic development and citizenship – in the North as well as the South. The MA in Anthropology of Education and Globalisation at Aarhus University is unique in offering an in-depth understanding of the ways in which education, learning and knowledge are negotiated and managed in everyday life in different contexts – across national and cultural boundaries.

Study in Copenhagen

The programme, which is based at the Emdrup campus in Copenhagen, is designed for students seeking advanced training in anthropological approaches to educational practice and process in settings as varied as educational institutions, workplaces, and civil society. The teaching faculty are all active researchers, and this means that a fruitful dialogue has been developed between the anthropological and educational traditions of inquiry, leading towards new arenas of study. Using ethnographic research methods and cross-cultural comparisons, the programme analyses specific (local) practices of education and knowledge in relation to broader (global) social and cultural contexts.

Traditional and Innovative

The programme provides a unique platform for exploring an array of traditional and innovative educational themes and sites across the globe. These include childhood socialisation and education, educational migration, multiculturalism and new forms of citizenship, global educational policy processes, the production and politics of knowledge, workplace learning, leadership and governance, welfare pedagogy, and religion and education.


The Master’s in Anthropology of Education and Globalisation offers an excellent foundation for a career in educational and development management, research, or consultancy within the fields of children and youth, multiculturalism, management and organisational culture, globalisation, and policy processes. Graduates of the programme will have acquired a deep understanding of practice-related research methods and ethics, and this will qualify them to participate in cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural research as well as to work in public institutions, private firms, and NGOs.


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