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Cognitive Semiotics

Master (2 years) of Arts in Cognitive Semiotics, 120 ECTS
Humanities, social sciences, communication and arts

Institution Aarhus University (AU)
Campus Aarhus
Duration 2 years
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 4550 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 0 EUR


Humans experience things as meaningful: we learn by experience, we think, reason, and gain new insights. We also, in addition to compre­hending meaningful phenomena, constantly produce meaning through communication, science, and art. In the MA in Cognitive Semiotics, we study how meaning is created in every sense of the word, whether in perception, thought, or language.  

The goal of the programme is to enable our students to come up with well-substantiated answers to questions such as: What are the essential characteristics of meaning construction? How does it work in language, in perception, in our interaction with the natural world, and in the social world?  

Students acquire a solid, operational knowledge of the most important aspects of meaning making, and since human meaning construction is found in all the areas of our daily lives and activities, the programme is very transdisciplinary.

Career Opportunities  

Graduates of the MA in Cognitive Semiotics have gone on to pursue careers in fields as diverse as communication, advertising, and marketing. Some graduates also move on into teaching or research.

About the Degree

The programme comprises courses in cognitive science and its links with semiotics in social cognition, text processing and production, and cognitive aesthetics. In a research workshop, students develop their own projects.

Our aim is not just to deliver research-based instruction, but to do ‘instruction-based research’ – in other words, to give competent students the opportunity to actively contribute to ongoing research projects and participate in organising and making presentations at conferences.  

Similarly, we expect students to be rationally questioning, constructively critical, active, eager for knowledge, and hard-working. We know that we have the framework for a highly qualified and insight-giving educa­tion in human meaning construction. But it is the students who make sense of the framework, by filling it with commitment, enthusiasm, and intellectual curiosity. Anyone who fulfils these criteria is welcome at the Centre for Semiotics. In return, we promise to take your education a very important step further.

The MA in Cognitive Science is taught at the Centre for Semiotics in a very international and informal environment. Our extensive network of international contacts means that we regularly have visits and seminars from academics who can impart expert knowledge in many areas including cognitive science, classical and modern semiotics, philosophy, cognitive psychology and linguistics, and aesthetics. The Faculty of Arts and Aarhus University also organise a wide range of events for students including lectures, student fairs, career days, seminars, celebrations, and sports days.


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    Jan 15
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    Sep 01


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