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Youth, Drugs and Alcohol - Social Sciences Approach 2018

Summer School of , 10 ECTS
Health care, social services, and care services

Institution Aarhus University (AU)
Campus Aarhus
Duration 3 weeks
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 1460 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 692 EUR
Humans are very persistent and creative when it comes to altering their consciousness. For example, there is a long tradition in the Northern parts of South America for using Ayahuasca to establish contact with spirits, treat illnesses and divine the future. Segments of the working population in India have long used cannabis to dull the pains and tribulations of their workaday lives and induce moments of respite and well-being. And the Sufis are known for their use of whirling dance ceremonies to achieve ecstasy. Among contemporary European youth, alcohol and other drugs are the preferred means of altering consciousness. These substances are mainly used on weekends in what is often referred to as the “night-time economy” or the “booze economy”, which includes pubs, bars, nightclubs, and music festivals. This course explores the link between youth, drugs and the night-time economy. Some of the key questions that will be discussed are the following: Why do young people intoxicate themselves? What are the most popular drugs among youth and how do these drugs affect the human organism? What are the positive and negative outcomes of drugs? How are drugs marketed and sold in the night-time economy? How can drug abuse be prevented and treated? The course will introduce students to a wide array of scientific and theoretical approaches to the study of drugs. Each of these approaches will be explored in-depth with a special view on how they can improve our understanding of why young people across the world so eagerly and consistently intoxicate themselves.

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Application date
Mar 15
Start date
Jul 03


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