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Strategic Management of Creativity and Innovation 2018

Summer School of , 10 ECTS
Economics, commerce, management and accounting

Institution Aarhus University (AU)
Campus Aarhus
Duration 3 weeks
Tuition per term (Non-EU/EAA/CH) 1717 EUR
Tuition per term (EU/EAA/CH) 692 EUR
Innovation is the cornerstone of successful organizations and economies across the globe. Consider the growing pace at which we witness change in the natural environment as well as in the technological, commercial, social and geopolitical landscapes. This velocity is fueling the need for innovation, and the pace is expected to intensify in the foreseeable future. Successful management of creativity and innovation is therefore critical in achieving sustainable competitive advantage. Most organizations have recognized this, but only a few have truly mastered the art. Managing innovation requires specific skills, which remain uncommon. T

his course is geared towards those interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the issues underpinning creativity and innovation in organizations, as well as the ways in which creativity and innovation can be developed and managed successfully. While theory frameworks will be reviewed during this course, the primary aim is to equip participants with state-of-the-art practical skills required to foster creativity and to design and execute sustainable innovation strategies.  As such course participants will be involved in a hands-on innovation project and a series of workshops where they will develop their understanding of creativity and innovation methodologies. By the end of the course you will have experienced the innovation process from unlocking your and your team’s creative potential and generating the initial idea to designing successful solutions and business models.

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Application date
Mar 15
Start date
Jul 03


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